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What do you need to know about wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing is the process of fitting weights into a wheel. This helps to avoid any vibrations from an imbalance caused by heavy or light spots in the wheel and tyre.

During a wheel balancing service, your car’s wheels are removed from the vehicle and placed on a special wheel balancing machine.

This machine will replicate how the wheels spin when driving and highlight any imbalance the wheels may have.

A qualified mechanic can then install the necessary tyre weights to achieve balance.

Symptoms you may need a wheel balancing service

Worn out car tyre tread on the road.

Whenever a tyre is fitted to a wheel, your vehicle will require a wheel balancing service. However, there can be other times when your vehicle requires a wheel balance.

Here are some warning signs that may indicate your vehicle needs a wheel balance, which could be affecting your vehicle’s overall performance and safety:

  • Uneven driving conditions.
  • Vibration is felt through your steering wheel, particularly when traveling at higher speeds.
  • Tyres wear prematurely and unevenly.
  • Prematurely worn wheel bearings.
  • Poor fuel economy.

When installing new tyres, it is recommended to have the wheels balanced. This is because it will help ensure even wear and increase the longevity of the tyres.

You will also find information in your vehicle's owner's manual about the recommended wheel balancing schedule.

Why do you need to balance your wheels?

The issue with a wheel and tyre combination is not the total weight, but the speed at which the tyres rotate. Every time your speed is doubled, the effect of an out-of-balance tyre quadruples.

If vibrations aren’t taken care of, suspension parts may suffer excessive wear and tear. Eventually, parts like suspension bushings may need premature replacement.

Uneven tyre wear and physical damage to the wheel and tyre can negatively impact the balance of your wheels. Unbalanced wheels can also occur if just some of the existing wheel weights are loose or missing. Weights can be dislodged by potholes, hitting curbs or pressure washing your wheels.

Tyre rebalancing will improve your vehicle's performance and safety while also extending the life of your tyres.

Driving a vehicle with unbalanced wheels can be dangerous, as vibrations while driving are a major contributor to fatigue.

When should I get a wheel balance?

A wheel balancing should be carried out each time your wheels are fitted with new tyres. This service is usually included in the cost of your tyres, which guarantees you get the most out of your new tyres.

In general, it is advised to have your wheels and tyres rechecked for balance every 10,000 kilometres or when you have your planned tyre rotations.

Wheel balancing services Tyrepower.

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